Mention to anyone that you’re getting ready to sell your home and you’ll be inundated with advice on what you need to do before you begin the selling process. Completely overhaul your outdated kitchen. Let the new owners handle the remodel. Install brand new carpeting. Just steam clean the old carpeting. Chuck the carpeting altogether and install faux wood flooring instead. Everyone is telling you what they think is best and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. 

We’re here to help you decide which suggestions you should actually listen to and which you should just maybe put to the side.

First and foremost, find the right real estate agent. Your home’s condition, the neighborhood it’s in, and your competition are all unique. With your agent’s knowledge of what buyers want and what features are helping homes sell in your area, your home will sell for the best possible price—if you follow their advice. At Verity, we are here to guide our clients through the selling process. We don’t ever want to force our clients to feel like we are pressuring them into a particular decision. We are more about partnership than profit-ship. 

Decluttering is another important step to take before selling your home. Not only do you want your walkthrough to be clean and appealing, but you definitely don’t want to take all that extra stuff with you into your new space. Consider what is on your nightstand.  A box of tissues, important mail, your phone charger, your current book—all of those essentials jumbled together just looks like junk to buyers. Decluttering gets all signs of your everyday routine (and excess knickknacks, too) out of sight so buyers can focus on your home’s assets rather than your mess. Empty out and organize, be brutal! 

One downside to deep cleaning is that you’ll be getting up close and personal with every inch of your home—which means you’ll likely discover a laundry list of minor repairs that need fixing.

As tempting as it is to leave all of those repairs you’ve been letting go for years to the next homeowner—doing so may sink your shot at a top-dollar price. Little repairs left undone send warning signals to buyers that you’ve probably neglected major home maintenance projects, too. And when buyers doubt the condition of your house, they’ll only make lowball offers.

You don’t need to go nuts trying to restore your home to like-new condition, but there are a lot of little fixes that are relatively easy and inexpensive to DIY.

Now that we have all the practicality out of the way, let’s talk data. We have some fun three-year statistics that you can check out. They cover supply of homes for sale, new listings, median percent of last list price, and closed sales. Looking at all of these, things might seem a little confusing. Let me break it down for you. In essence, you’ll see that over the last three Aprils (2018-2020) there has been a growing trend of less and less inventory. Home sales prices have looked to stay consistently strong and they are marginally increasing. Closings are also up significantly. But you’ll notice that new listings are down...way down. So while it is awesome that many are able to close on their homes and fulfill those dreams. If we don’t get a new listing up, we are going to run out of homes for sale in 3 months. And that’s just no good for anyone. 

You might be wondering if right now, amidst all the crazy, is the right time to sell your home and purchase a new one. Understanding the buyer and sellers market will help greatly. It's commonly understood that more than 7 months of inventory is a market that favors the buyer, 5-7 months is a balanced market that favors no one and less than 5 months is a seller's market. There’s no better time than right now to get your house up on the market. There is less competition out there and from the data the market is sure to be on your side. 

These are just a few things you can do to prepare your home for the big sell. We at The Verity Group have a ton of steps and directions to make the process of selling your home even further. Contact us on our website or give us a call at 757.452.8974 and let’s talk about it!