Your family is your pride, your joy and your slice of heaven here on planet Earth, which is exactly what you deserve to give them...the world. However finding the right-sized home for your family that accommodates everyone’s needs can be tricky and boy, do we know! Keep reading to discover how we were able to find just the perfect home for a beautiful family of five.


“It takes a village to raise a child.” Sometimes, it takes one to find the right home for a client. So this week, after speaking with our own family and friends in the Hampton Roads community, our outreach efforts paid off--big time. We are so proud to announce that the perfect-sized home for the perfect family with five kids is now UNDER CONTRACT!

The House

This gorgeous 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom stately home nestled in the lovely Christopher Farms neighborhood of Virginia Beach offers everything our fun fam of five little ones wanted plus some! Pool and storage house? Yes! Fabulous backyard oasis perfect for entertaining and enjoying family get-togethers? Absolutely! Freshly-painted bedrooms and a spacious master bedroom and bath for Mom and Dad...rustic chic stone fireplace for cozy chats by the fire over mugs of hot chocolate...this home has. it. all. 

Crafting the American Dream means catering to the specific family needs.

As parents, we know just how it feels to know specifically what your needs are for your family. Each one of our darlings has their own special wants and needs, preferences and passions. As Realtors, we especially know how important it is that children have room to grow and thrive in a home perfect for them. Memories are made at home. The first tooth pull, the first science experiment, the first holiday celebration...and these memories are meant to be made in the home you love. So we knew...we HAD to find the perfect home for our client family.


Steve and I know what opportunities and exciting experiences await this family, and that the perfect home would be an absolute must. 


It was not light of the social distancing restrictions, we knew our work would be cut out for us. Yet we persisted and reached out through social media, to our family and our friends, to our professional associates and colleagues...we left no stone unturned and finally, we were able to get connected with the home that was absolutely meant for this fam.

This gorgeous Christopher Farms home is under contract, and we cannot wait to share photos of the happy family in their new home! Meanwhile, take a peak at this gorgeous home here.