Home Warranties in Hampton Roads

We purchase warranties for our vehicles and even for pricey electronic equipment. We don’t hesitate to buy that warranty for our latest smartphone or our child’s gaming system. Owning a home in Hampton Roads means being prepared for everything: flooding and unpredictable weather patterns, sand, salt and so much more. We know this, so we buy homeowner’s insurance. But will homeowner’s insurance cover everything? Do you really need a home warranty? Keep reading to learn why you should purchase a home warranty in Hampton Roads today. 


What is a Home Warranty? 


Did you know…

-It can cost a homeowner $1900-2900 just to replace a condenser coil in an AC unit?

-Repairing a refrigeration leak can cost more than one month’s mortgage payment?

-Plumbing leaks can easily cost anywhere from $500-$800 to repair!


The average cost of repair for a $200,000 home will run upwards of $2,000--that’s just in general repairs and maintenance. When you add up all of the things that will likely cost you in the long run, it makes sense to protect your investment and its contents...and home warranties make that possible. Home warranties are very similar to other types of warranties in that they are contracts that cover the repairs, or in some cases, replacement of components within the home for a designated time period. Your specific home warranty plan is your contract and it may include coverage for the components of your home’s HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Your home warranty plan may even include home appliances like your oven or refrigerator. Home warranties in Hampton Roads may cover structures like pools or spas. As long as the critical systems of your home and appliances are in good, working condition at the time your plan is purchased, you don’t have to worry...you’ll likely be covered! (Note: plans vary, and if you’re interested in learning more about your options, contact us today to see your options based on your specific home coverage needs.) 


You can even pay for your warranty when your home closes. 

Buying a new home is exciting! There are so many thoughts, emotions and concerns racing through your head. A little part of us worries…’What could possibly go wrong? Are all my bases covered?’ What’s so great about purchasing a home warranty is that you don’t have to pay for it until you close on your home. That’s right, ...you won’t have to worry about upfront costs. This is perfect, because the LAST thing you’re focusing on when you purchase your new home is added surprise expenses. 


A home warranty is about risk management. Buying and owning a home is a major investment. Protect your investment with a home warranty today. 


If you are a first time home buyer, paying for a home warranty is critical. By paying a little more each month, you can save yourself from having to pay hundreds- even thousands- more in costly repairs or appliance replacements. If you own a property that’s being rented out by tenants, there may even be a way to include the costs of your home warranty into your tenants’ rent bill. Want to know more about your options? Ask us today!

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t the same as a home warranty. Here’s what you need to know. 

Unlike homeowner’s insurance, your home warranty covers the breakdown of appliances and system components. Homeowner’s insurance is there to cover loss or damage related to unexpected incidents like natural disasters, thefts, break ins/ vandalism, etc. If your air conditioning unit dies, homeowner’s insurance likely won’t cover your loss, but home warranties are designed for such situations. 

How many times have you had an appliance bite the dust seemingly as soon as the warranty was out on it? Replacing expensive units and appliances can be pricey. Why wait for a major appliance loss to explore your options? Make sure you’re covered! Call Verity Group at 757.452.8974 to learn more about home warranties in Hampton Roads.

Don’t wait for a big ticket item loss to prompt you to buy a home warranty. Explore your options today.